The new "Demon" Series is revolutionizing the diamond sawing and drilling industry.  With exclusive "Auto-Start" technology, the "Demons" are ready to race, straight out of the box.  All new metallurgy for Wall Sawing bonds, Core Drilling bonds and Dry Cutting bonds have moved us on to our next dimension of performance with dramatic increases in speed and life. 

We are also still offering our "Classic" family of concrete bonds for flat sawing.  Remember that one bond from Brand X back in the day that nothing else performed like?  And, think of how Brand X tells you that they can still make it for you but it just doesn't seem the same.  Well, here at EZ Cut we like to think, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  That C7 from back in the day is still the same ass kicker it always has been.


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