Our Diamond Core bits are engineered to produce maximum cutting speed, long life, and low cost. Our bits have evolved from years of working closely with the professional industry's very finest operators. This experience allows us to offer you a complete line of diamond core bits of the finest quality.


Heavy Duty Series core bits are Premium Series quality in a light set configuration. Designed to drill fast with lighter duty core drill motors while achieving good footage. Also a good choice on infrequently used bits.


Our Premium Series bits are our most popular, low-cost/high.value combination. High quality diamonds are sintered in our proven pro matrix formulation. Perfect for all around service applications as well as large diameter drilling.  The Premium Series is the daily choice of professional drillers.


A higher diamond concentration of the highest quality produces very fast cutting with the longest life in tougher media and with higher horsepower. Great for high production in hard concrete and heavy steel often drilling with hydraulic or hi-cycle equipment. In addition we offer various matrix configurations. Softer bronze bonds for harder aggregate or heavy steel bonds for soft abrasive materials, such as asphalt, can be ordered.


STL Series diamond bits are specialized for drilling small diameter holes in hard material often with heavy steel in . These bits have the highest diamond concentration available. We developed this product especially for the professional and the specialist.



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